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Kumaon 'Maati' translates as the 'Earth' of Kumaon, a region in North India, known for its unique cultural and biological diversity. We started this initiative to give back to this 'maati', through our responsible and ethical programmes that protect its uniqueness and contributes to the local communities. 

We are a community of like-minded individuals with many years of experience in the sectors of conservation, ecotourism, and business development. With this initiative, we are taking a step to revolutionise nature travel through the medium of conservation and rural development in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India




A tented campsite located in the hills of Uttarakhand near Mukteshwar, 'Camp Sunkiya' is perfect for an adventure filled getaway for travelers of all ages. If you are looking for rejuvenation, experience nature with the spirit of adventure, a peaceful ambiance, this is the place to be. The array of activities you can do here are sure to get your adrenaline rushing.

Located at the edge of 'Khichdi' river in the buffer zone of the famous Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand, Camp Hornbill is the base station for all our activities at Kumaon 'Maati'. At this camp, we are serious about the 'eco' in 'ecotourism'.

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This unique concept gives the opportunity for guests to experience night guarding of crops by farmers. Here, guests themselves help guard crops at night while at the same time observe and watch wildlife. The 'Machans' are a part of farmland inside the village Kyari and is situated in the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve, Uttarakhand, India. When you stay here you are also contributing to wildlife conservation and human wildlife conflict mitigation.


The  Kyari homestay is hosted in typical 'Kumaoni' settings. Guests can experience a very different way of life and participate in the daily lives of the residents of the village kyari. Come learn a new language and the customs or enjoy unique kumaoni cuisine whilst taking part in daily chores such as ploughing and harvesting. We also host PhD students and researchers who have their projects based in the landscape


Experiential Learning Camps

Learning can be fun especially when you do it while observing, experiencing and doing it yourself and the locations just make it an unforgettable travel experience for all those who participate. In the last 15 years, we have conducted the most immersive and educational experiences for schools, colleges, universities and other large groups. We have different options available that are designed to educate, reflect, and even thrill.


Become Mowgli


Experience the Kumaon Lifestyle


Bike through the Kumaon Region


Learn essential life skills


Course in Wildlife Conservation

This unique certificate course on conservation science and field biology is an on site field course conducted at our base station in 'Camp Hornbill' in the vicinity of the Corbett Tiger Reserve. The Course is aimed at multiple segments of people- from students of Environmental Sciences to Wildlife Enthusiasts.

The course is a mix of classroom and field sessions to learn the principles of conservation, ecological census techniques and explore conservation issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students watch conservation films, collect field data and present it, interview local residents and work in teams to attempt and find solutions to prevailing conservation issues.


Responsible Family Holidays

We love to host families that are looking for a leisure holiday far away from the urban chaos to experience nature. Our holiday packages, will help recharge those lungs, refresh your mind and at the same time have a completely low impact on the environment.

All our campsites are a great place to bond and enjoy a great holiday and we make custom itineraries as per the requirement of each group. You can go for nature walks, village visits, engage in some adventure activities or just relax in the many lounging spots around the campsites.


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