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About Us

Camp Hornbill is a community-led enterprise, set up in 2010 by residents of the village Kyari. It lies within the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve (PCR). The PCR is part of the llarger Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand India.

The camp is solely owned and managed by members and

the youth of the local community. It was established with a vision to promote and encourage ecotourism in the village of Kyari. Camp Hornbill actively promotes nature conservation and rural development in the Corbett Tiger Reserve in collaboration with the forest department, local communities and members of the civil society.

At Camp Hornbill our aim is to seed an alternative form of nature travel that is responsible and contributes to nature conservation and community development.

The Camp is visited by all 3 species of Hornbills found in this landscape, and hence the name.

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Unlike other hotels & resorts in the vicinity, ours is a locally initiated and community-based camp. Most raw material and services are availed from the village of 'Kyari'.​

Low Carbon Footprint

All infrastructure material for the camp was sourced locally or has been re-purposed and recycled from discarded materials. All activities at the camp are as low in their carbon footprint as possible. 

Energy Efficient

We use low voltage Solar lamps and LED bulbs in common areas of the camp. The huts and tents too are only fitted with minimum required lighting.

Waste Management

We recycle our food waste and convert it to compost for the in-house vegetable garden. No sewage and kitchen waste is released in nearby water sources.


The 'chaupal' is a centrally located handcrafted hut. It is equipped with a small library, information boards and a fire pit. This is where we assemble for group meetings, evening activities and the bon fire!


Chaupal Hut

We have created a number of open sit-outs, made by re-purposing the wood of old fallen trees. These are great spots to sit down for your evening tea or to just watch the many birds at the camp. There are also some carefully placed Bonfire pits within the Camp foliage. Here you can enjoy a cold evening with your family and friends.


Sit-outs & Bonfire Pits

A 'Pokhar' translates to a waterbody with a healthy aquatic ecosystem. We have developed this waterbody to attract aquatic life and in turn kingfishers! It is lined with large rocks on the edge to sit-down, relax and watch for water birds that come to feed on the fish.


The 'Pokhar'

The 'dhaba' is a long mud table covered with thatch where all meals are served. Most ingredients in the wholesome food cooked at Camp Hornbill are sourced from home grown vegetable gardens and farms. Next to the dhaba is the Piyau, a permanent wooden table with thatch roof where drinking water and glasses are kept.

The Dhaba & Piyau

These spacious safari tents placed carefully within dense foliage gives a unique adventurous experience. They are very comfortable and come with two beds and a table. All tents are equipped with charging points and a low voltage lamp. 

Rustic Tents

Our Mud-Houses blend in with the village settings perfectly. They were hand crafted and worked on by our very own team. They are very spacious and come with an attached bathroom. The mud huts have a cozy 'verandah' outside where you can enjoy your tea and coffee. It is also the perfect place to relax, read, write and watch birds.

Unique Mudhouses


Nature Trails and Fieldcraft




Adventure Activities

Village Walks and Interaction with Locals





By Road

 Camp Hornbill is 274 kms from New Delhi, 222 kms from Dehradun, and 303 kms from Gurugram

You can find us on Google Maps.

By Rail

Nearest Railway stations are Ramnagar RMR (10 kms) and Kathgodam KGM (62 kms)/Haldwani HDW (58 kms)

By Air

Nearest airport is PantNagar (107 kms) which is connected to New Delhi and Dehradun airports only. New Delhi (287 kms) is the most convenient airport to reach us


Village- Kyari, P.O.- Ramnagar, Dist.-Nainital, Uttarakhand 244715






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