Experience shared spaces between Humans and Wildlife 

'Pehra the Machan' is surrounded by the dense forests of the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve. It faces a farmland that attracts many wild herbivores. The Machan gives easy access to the village Kyari, as a guest you can also opt to go for guided nature walks and village visits. The entire space in and around the Machan and our house that is situated just a few meters away.

The 'machan' rooms can be accessed by climbing a ladder and are simply furnished, equipped with a floor laid bedding and a table. Guest bathroom is outside a few meters from the machan and meals are served in the host family's kitchen.





By Road

 'Pehra' The Machan is 274 kms from New Delhi, 222 kms from Dehradun, and 303 kms from Gurugram

You can find us on Google Maps.

By Rail

Nearest Railway stations are Ramnagar RMR (10 kms) and Kathgodam KGM (62 kms)/Haldwani HDW (58 kms)

By Air

Nearest airport is PantNagar (107 kms) which is connected to New Delhi and Dehradun airports only. New Delhi (287 kms) is the most convenient airport to reach us